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  • Clean Sheets
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  • Vintage brooches
  • Shiatsu
  • My first cup of tea in the morning
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  • Cake baking
  • Pink
  • Woodsmoke
  • The changing of the seasons
  • Bliss
  • Crochet
  • Recycling
  • Home-made raspberry jam

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October 09, 2007



Hi Jane

She looks quite comfortable in her new home, despite being slightly underdressed!! 44 is the size - not sure, but I think it's 14-16-ish. Someone else will probably tell us accurately!

It was super to meet you on Sunday even though it was brief - but we'll rectify that as soon as possible and we can have a really good gossip!! You, too, were exactly as I imagined!

Sue x


I love tailor's dummies, and this one is gorgeous - it is ripe for some pretty accessories! I covered mine in vintage fabric (although I didn't have enough to do the back so she can never twirl!) and stuck brooches in her. That heart is really pretty too.
Cathy X


I love reading your blog and today was especially funny to me. I chuckled when I read about the tailor dummy! Never will I look at one the same way again. Reading your descriptions seems to give it new life! Thanks for the fun morning! Have a great day!


Those chocolate croissants sound good. I enjoy cookery books too and have quite a collection that I like to browse through periodically.

Marie x


Somerset is my favourite county - my husband an I love the place, as well as Dorset which we both have a huge soft-spot for!

Your mannequin looks well-loved, is 44 a measurement of some sort? Or maybe just a shop stock number?

Have a lovely week dressing your mannequin!


I know what you mean about Nigella she is a bit much, but I love the food. Hope the had fun at the knitting and stitching, its a great day out, but we usually go to Harrogate.


I just love how everyone names their mannequins! I look forward to seeing how you dress yours! =)


Hi Jane

Love your mannequin - Sue said she had a lovely -albeit brief! - time meeting you!

I expect your eiderdown is coming into its own now - that's if you can get to it before the cats and dogs!

Clare x

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