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October 24, 2007



Hi Jane

Liz and Bronia are super - we meet up at Shepton and as you've read, they're coming to Somerton on Saturday!

Glad you had a good time. I thought you would!! I just wish I could get down to Ardingly next week, but it's too hectic a week I'm afraid - including textiles in Ilminster on Wednesday, when I'll be seeing Liz again!!! It's a small world, but the West Country is even smaller!! I'll be seeing Donna and Niki to name just 2 bloggers, Liz of course, and numerous other people who I've met at recent Fairs. Hope I remember to take my camera!

Sue xx


Hi Jane

Lucky you going to that fair!

Liz has some brilliant vintage stuff doesn't she?

We may be coming to Ardingly next week - but it will be a last-minute decision if we do!

Clare x


the blind lemon fair does look fun, i must try to get to one. scary seeing me huh?!! hahahaha!


I don't think we get anything like that up here - such a pity because it sounds lovely. I'm glaf you had a wonderful time and got to meet some sweet gals at the same time. Sounds heavenly.


That looks like a marvelous fair! I'm just back from holiday, so fun to see what you've been sharing here lately. Happy weekend to you ((HUGS))


Hehehe those girls Lizzie and Bronia get everywhere! They have appeared on my blog too!

I love the Blind Lemon Vintage Fairs. We had one in Exeter last year but it was not a success so they will not be holding one there again, boo hoo :-(


How wonderful it is to meet fellow bloggers! And that fair looks fabulous!

Wild Rose

Hi Jane,

This fair looks like a great day out. It is wonderful to meet up with fellow bloggers ~ they are all such nice people.

Marie x

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