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September 06, 2007



What a fabulous place to live! I love when old businesses etc, can be converted into homes that people will cherish and take care of! What a great history to the farmhouse you live in. Hope your autumn is lovely! We are having beautiful weather lately, and here's hoping that since you live on the same latitute as I, you will have this great weather, too! =)


What beautiful views you have Jane, really lovely. We do seem to be getting that Indian Summer don't we? September has been kind so far. Long may it last, I don't think I am quite ready for autumn this year!


What a stunning house you live in! I love the pastoral view from your kitchen window, it's very romantic and beautiful to watch fields go from tiny plants to full grown crops, to crew-cut hairs at the end of the year, it's one big circle.

Have a lovely weekend!


Hi Jane

Love that herringbone path and the gate! And the view from your kitchen window ... and the Oasts ... and ... and ... just love it all!!

We've had a touch of the Indian summer here today! Who cares where it originated, as long as it stays!

Sue x


What a lovely view you have from your kitchen window & I love the curly handles too.

Victoria May Plum

It is the simple pleasures that are the most important. You have written a really nice post to make us think about the simple pleasures in our own lives.

Oast houses are so beautiful, I would love to live in one, they always have such charm.

Victoria x

Paula Sealey

How lucky you are to live somewhere so lovely! The wreath your friend made is beautiful!


My husband's biggest regret is that his parents didn't buy an oast house when he was younger. They hummed and aahed about it for ages and then gave up. I love oast houses. Your house looks beautiful and the view from your kitchen window is spectacular.


Hi Jane

I don't have the dates to hand, but I'll find out and let you know. Glad you like the result of my shopping trips!!

Sue x

Junie Moon

What a lovely posting! I like your approach to relishing the simple things around us in life.


What a loveley view you have from
your kitchen window.
The wreats is a nice gift from your
Sorry,but my english is not so perfect,I come from german.

Have a loveley rest of the week...


What a wonderful view to have from your window and to be able to watch the changing seasons. How lovely too to be able to pick your own greengages, they are a delicious fruit which it quite hard to buy. Love the old gate to the snicket too.

Wild Rose

Hi Jane

What a beautiful post. I love the view from your kitchen window and enjoyed your description of nature and the changing seasons.

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

Marie x


This just sounds so wonderful:

"Not surprisingly there are lots of odd little passages and paths that link the buildings to one another"

I'd love to see more photos of these!


Hi Jane,

I think you are definitely getting your Indian Summer - it has been glorious here too!

What an interesting place you live in and a wonderful view from your kitche window.

I too have little things that I see and appreciate every day - they are so important and make up the fabric of life, especially country life.

Have a glass for me with Lu!

Clare x


How I love greengages.


Hello, Jane! It's been a while since I was here, and lately I've been unwell. So it was wonderful you stopped by my blog--thank you! And how great to come by here and see all your lovely photos and read of your daily delights...Happy Days drinking in the last of summer, and saying hello to autumn! ((HUGS))

vintage twist

Oast houses are such beautiful windows, you live in a beautiful part of England.


Oh my. Your kitchen window is wonderful. Wonderful!!!

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