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September 30, 2007


Wild Rose

What pretty embroidery. I think that it would look wonderful as a bag using the frame you bought.

I love sweet peas - a real scent of summer.

Marie x


I love sweetpeas but haven't grown any for a few years. Hopefully next year!

Your embroidery looks super and I agree with Marie that it would look really good with that frame.

As she's French, how about Dominique?

Sue x


Your tomatoes look lovely! That recipe you used for them sounds so tasty. I love your gorgeous embroidery-work, too!

And sweet peas! So pretty!!! (They are my birth flower.) =)


I love roasted Tomatoes on toast!
What beautiful embroidery work and that evening bag frame is just gorgeous...the two together would look stunning.
Take care,
Alison x


That patchwork/embroidery is truly stunning. Im very impressed! you talented girl!


I am in awe of your ribbonwork skills, those flowers you've done are really intricate and beautiful.

We love sweet peas over here and as a child our garden was never without them, so now that I have my own garden it's never without them either! We grew "borderline" this year and they were such pretty, happy plants we'll be growing them next year too.

Beautiful photos!


Those white butternuts aren't worth growing - they are tasteless. Here's my "secret" butternut tip....buy an organic one at the supermarket, eat it, but scoop out the seeds before cooking. Dry those seeds & germinate them next year. We did this & the plant went all around the veg garden & up a trellis & we had loads of huge tasty butternuts.

I do the same with fancy looking peppers & chillies - it's an easy way to get seeds from vegetables that you like the taste of!


You are so lucky to have any tomatoes at all this year - all of ours (and most of the other ones at the allotment site) rotted with all the rain we've had. I'm glad they were good - they look delish! Your ribbon embroidery is just gorgeous and will look great as a bag.
Cathy X


Beautiful embroidery Jane, you are clever and I can't wait to see what you do with the bag.

I love Butternut squash soup too, deicious with a touch of cumin and a little ginger.


Your ribbon work is stunning. I would like to see more please!! It is something I have often thought of trying but for some reason as scared to, I don't think my flowers could look that intricate!

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