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August 20, 2007



Hi Jane

What a beautiful sunset. I know what you mean about the changing season. I noticed a couple of days ago that there are leaves coming off the trees and the colours are starting to change. This may be partly due to the dry weather we have had (in Canada) this summer.

I've never seen that shrub before, but I love the changing colour of the leaves.

As for time for blogging - I often take a look in the early evening. I have found that if I stay on the computer too late, I find it difficult to sleep.

Marie x


Late nights and early mornings for my blog reading - it's the best time to get some peace and quiet.

I'm not sure I'm prepared for autumn sneaking up this year, what with summer only lasting 2 weeks. But a new cat to cuddle probably makes it more bearable.


Autumn sunsets are some of my favourites - can you believe it's August and already I'm wearing fluffy shawls and jumpers?! I have got my slippers out and am going to give them a wash before it turns too cold - I have very prone tootsies!

Have a lovely week with your new charge!


Hi Jane

I've enjoyed catching up with your recent blog posts - I haven't been blogging as much as usual over the Summer.

Sadie looks like a sweet cat - I keep seeing photos of new additions of the furry-four-legged kind and am soooo tempted to add to our family!

That is a very pretty plant. You are right, early morning mists and chilly nights make it feel very autumnal. Perhaps we will have a gloriously colourful Autumn this year!

Clare x

PS. Mike has added a volume control to the header on the website so you can turn the music down!!!


Hi Jane

Early(ish) mornings and late(ish) at night for blog reading, with occasional odd moments during the day (not every day) when I need a change of activity from whatever I'm doing!

The evenings are beginning to have that autumn feel now, which I for one am NOT ready for! Have a look here for an ian summer meaning: http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/indian-summer.html


I had that feeling about autumn the other night too even tho we have at least two more months of summer where I live. But the weather has been so unusual this summer maybe we won't. My favorite time to blog is in the middle of the night, if I wake up early or stay up late.


What a sweet kitty! It looks like she's right at home there on your chair! We had a few days of autumn, now we are back into a heat wave. I am looking forward to autumn, and to eating hot apple pie with ice cream!


I love that picture of the sunset. I'm also hoping for an Indian Summer, but I have to admit I do love the autumn. I love the colours and thd mists and smell of bonfires. Also love that it's a time for getting cosy and gathering things for the freezer and winter ahead.


The seasons seem to be all mixed up just now...autumn in august!
Take care,
Alison x


Sadie looks very sweet, good to hear that she is settling in.

Cherry Menlove

I tend to blog in the morning. I can't think straight after about ten at night but I'm super clear in the morning. I do like to read blogs later on in the day though, hence me being here right now. What a lovely new cat you have.

Lots of love

Cherry xx

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