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July 30, 2007



What a lovely post. It really helps to see/hear about seasonal events happening like hay making and chick hatching...everything seems so mixed up at the moment with all this strange weather. Finally a few days of warm sunny weather.
I love the eiderdown(and cat) from Claire. She has some gorgeous things doesn't she!
Take care,
Alison x


Beautiful chicks and beautiful eiderdown! I noticed the other day on a train journey that the hay was just being made and bales rolled in the fields - such a strange summer. My tomatoes are awful this year too!

Wild Rose

Oh what cute little chicks! Glad to hear that the sun is shining at last and the hay making is underway.

Marie x


Yup, the combine harvesters are all busy round here too. I'm waiting for the annual influx of mice (and the odd snake) from the fields behind our house.


What a joy to see some haymaking. Wish I could smell it too, but technology is that advanced yet. Love the chicks! I do miss all the 'farming' stuff from my childhood.

Cherry Menlove

The chicks are beautiful and I am so glad that you are finally able to make the hay. I was thinkng about that the other day and I knew that the folk with hay to make may be wringing their hands at all the rain we have had.

Cherry xx


Hi Jane

What a lovely post! Yes, the farmers are busy around here too, let's hope the good weather continues.

Our tomatoes have been disappointing too - and as for our runner beans, well they are almost non-existent!

LOVE the chicks and LOVE your black and white cat - looks just like mine, who's called Tilly! I'm glad the animals like the eiderdown so much! I launched the pin board yesterday and I've added your photo of Neville to it!

Have a great weekend,

Clare x


I pulled up in a layby on Wednesday to eat my lunch and I could hear tractors and combines in every direction. What a lovely post.


Beautiful photos, the tractors have been busy here too - and I love the noise and the sight of newly-cut fodder! All the rain we've had has put everything behind, and those poor farmers whose crops have been ruined! I'm hoping that for now we'll have some better weather.

Lovely chicks too, my mother had some eggs from a friend of hers which were araucanas, and again totally blue - she thought they were fantastic.

Enjoy the good weather!


Lovely post...so sweet the little chick and kitten...Happy Summer Days! :o)


My husband still eulogizes about hay making from his chidhood days when his father drove the tractor!


Hi, Noreen's husband Brian has also been busy haymaking as well, now the weather's better. Everything seems to be busy in the countryside now...tractors everywhere! The chicks are gorgeous. We used to keep hens on our farm when I (Margaret) was a child and I always loved the day old chickens we had and could spend ages watching them. Love your blog and will be back to visit.
Margaret and Noreen at THY


Just back to say I've awarded you the Nice Matters Award for taking time to make such a lovely blog.


Just back to say I've awarded you the Nice Matters Award for taking time to make such a lovely blog.

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