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June 14, 2007



I love strawberry jam and home made is the best! Isn't it funny how cats just know the best places to sit. Lovely eiderdown.


mmm that sounds good!


We got married around this time last year (almost our anniversary - how time is flying!) and we bought local strawberries to make huge amounts of Eton Mess. Any of the 30-odd punnets left over were frozen and on returning home from the honeymoon I made Wedding Strawberry Jam - using a bit of redcurrants from next door to help it set. I must admit it is not only sentimentally pleasing, but tasted so wonderful I'll be makiing some this year too :)

One of my other favourite jams is rhubarb and ginger - this Spring our neighbours provided the rhubarb and I got going. Again absolute bliss on a slice of toast!


I can't wait to try Eton Mess! Your strawberry jam looks so yummy, too!

The eiderdown is just lovely (I think your Neville has claimed it).

I am glad you are happy with those earrings! Have a lovely weekend. =)


I hardly dare admit to the fact that I've reached the age I have and never made jam! Or maybe I did ... just once ... about 30 years ago. It obviously wasn't a great success!

Lucky Neville!
Sue x


Yum - looks wonderful. Love the Aga too!
I keep thinking that I'd like to go berry-picking this summer but just not sure how to squeeze it in right now. Maybe it will have to wait til blackberry time.


I don't know which looks more delicious.... the jam or the eiderdown quilt!



Thank you for asking about our Roses. My husband loves 'Old Roses' and that's what we have now. I've tried to photograph the white ones, but not with much luck. But others {colored ones} will be coming out soon. And I'll be sure to picture them.

I'll be putting them in my Seasons Snapshots blog too.



My Seasons Snapshots blog is at....




Your strawberry jam looks delicious - could you share the recipe for those of us who don't hava access to a bag of Tate & Lyle's?

I love your Aga - I dream of one day owning one in a cosy kitchen.

Marie x


Lovely eiderdown with Neville on top!!!


I have never made jam, ever. Can you believe that? You are so lucky to have so much fruit to hand. Some of us have to go to 'Pick you own' farms but it's not the same as growing your own.


Hi Jane,

Neville looks beautiful sat on the eiderdown - I'm so pleased he likes it!

Your jar of strawberry jam has made my mouth water!

Do you know, I have never made jam either! However, we planted some raspberry canes a couple of years ago so perhaps in a year or so's time...!

Clare x


Strawberry jam and ggoodies from Clare...perfect.
Alison x
P.S. I will have to check her site out more regularly as I have missed TWO pieces of foxglove china.


You are going to be so glad you made that lovely strawberry jam!


Hi Jane, Thanks for the recipe! It was sweet of you to edit the post to include it. Hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

Marie x


Home made strawberry jam is so much nicer than bought, lucky you having a glut of strawberries.

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