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  • A Sense of Humour!
  • Rowan Wool
  • Going out with the Girls!
  • Horses
  • Aubergines
  • Clean Sheets
  • Roses
  • Vintage brooches
  • Shiatsu
  • My first cup of tea in the morning
  • The Sea
  • Cake baking
  • Pink
  • Woodsmoke
  • The changing of the seasons
  • Bliss
  • Crochet
  • Recycling
  • Home-made raspberry jam

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April 26, 2007



Your deck really does look blissful. Have a great trip!

Sara, The Wine Makers Wife

The shot of Neville is mysterious! Your porch is heaven to mee as well. I don't have a house yet, but in the late evening in summer I love to sit with my husband on our patio (really a car port but surrounded by a veggie garden and my potted roses) we sip a glass of wine, light the lanterns and dream about our own deck some day.


That deck you have looks so wonderfully inviting! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of the garden!


Sitting outside on a warm evening with candles and a glass of wine is my idea of bliss. It is soooo relaxing.
I look forward to pictures of Beth Chatto's garden when you go ...I've never been and would love to see it in May.
Enjoy your trip next week


Hi Jane

What a lovely photo of Neville! Yes, building work is always traumatic but well worth it in the end! Enjoy the garden in May - it's my favourite month - oh, and enjoy a nice glass of wine for me in that lovely spot!

Clare x


What a lovely pic of that deck, I can see why you it would be your fave place to sit. Thank you for the advice with regards to the "horse" situation. I have looked into a school that is nearby, it is very costly but I may give it a try and see how georgia likes it. By the way...VENICE? I am so jealous! cant wait to see pics, as many as possible please!


Hi Jane,

Thanks for your lovely comment! It's always nice to know that someone appreciates the same things that I do :) 16 hens - how wonderful, we're already looking ahead to Chickenopolis and a cockerel (although whether this will ever happen is debatable!), but our fresh eggs are heavenly.

You've got a lovely deck - in our garden we don't really have an area - barring the lawn - that could be used as a sit-down place, although I'm hoping to do a bit of a re-model later in the year!

Enjoy Venice and all it has to offer, you lucky thing!


What an inviting place to sit in the garden and relax.

I look forward to seeing your photos of Venice, as I have always wanted to visit.

Your blog is lovely.



Oh that deck certainly looks like bliss.

And I'm sure your trip will be also.


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