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April 04, 2007



All beautiful pictures, but that one with the last little fella is soooooo sweet! :)


Hi Jane

Lovely Easter decorations - I promised myself I would decorate an Easter tree this year - but only got as far as hanging up the Spring wreath! I will be visiting a friend who always has a lovely display though!

The shop looks lovely and I'm going to check out the website for the plants!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Clare x


That shop looks wonderful, as do your decorations. I'm going up to the loft right now to haul mine out...


I LOVE that shop - i get to visit it so rarely and i am only about 15 miles away!
Have a great Easter - the weather sounds as if it is going to be lovely here in our part of the world - lucky us!
Tracy x


Such cute Easter decorations..


Oh LOVE the lamb! Your Easter tree is lovely! Happy Easter to you!


oh Gosh that lamb just melts me! Happy Easter to you and yours* :)


Hi -just found your blog via sotreadsoftly. What a pretty Easter tree - and the bag in the previous post is lovely. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Mary


He is adorable and I enjoyed reading the poem about the shepherd in one of your previous posts - don't know how I missed that.


Love your tree Jane!

Re the buckles, I sell direct to anyone interested. I'll be happy to send you some better photos and give you further information if you like. Email me direct (see link on sidebar on my blog). I was hoping my website would be up and running by now, but there's a delay. Sales otherwise are from Dairy House Antiques or the Shepton Fairs. Sue x

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