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April 18, 2007



Beautiful photos Jane - thanks for sharing the story.


awww Jane...this is such a neat story I enjoyed it this morning..what a serene peaceful place. xo


What beautiful windows - such a sad story though. I love the symbolism he used in Sarah's window.

Sew Recycled!

Oh my goodness, I have visited this church about 7 years ago on a day trip with university friends. I could not remember where it was and I so want to take my other half! Thank you so much! They are truely amazing!


Hi Jane, the windows are really beautiful. I was in the area a few years ago but didn't know about the church - if I visit again I will certainly go and see them. Clare x


Hi Jane,
I found you through Clare at Vintage Home.
That stained glass is soooooo beautiful- an amazing colour blue. I will have to visit that church if I in the area.
Your blog is great I'll add you to my links
Take care.

Anthony Blommel

The stained glass in the first picture is breathtaking! I can't help but think of the passion placed on that work of art. The colors are subtle, but can relay emotion quite easily. Thank you for sharing these.

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