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March 17, 2007



What a beautiful poem! There is something so ancient, pure, and gentle in shepherding! It's one of the things I've always associated with England! I love their sweet faces. And the thought of that little lamb dance just makes me smile!


I adore these pictures! It makes me want to march right out and get me some lambs! Ah well - we have goats which is very entertaining but they aren't as sweet as those little faces.

You have a very lovely blog and a very lovely home. Thank you for sharing pictures.

Cherry Menlove

It is my dream to see lambs born and I will search for a working farm when we finally move to our new house. I love them so much and have had a lamb named after me. You are so lucky to have such a lovely neighbour, and the poem is wonderful. I have loved reading this post.

Cherry xxx


What a lovely post. Takes me right back to my childhood. And what a poignant poem. Lovely ...


awww, that little lamb is SO sweet!!!!! debbie =)


How wonderful to have a view like that x
The poem is lovely - thank you for sharing.
Tracy x


Oh those beautiful little lambs - a real sign of Spring! It's probably best not to think where they'll be going...

Clare x


That lamb is so delicious I want to kiss him. Now my children want to get a lamb. Told them we need to move to a farm first. Thank you for sharing. I grew up down the road from a sheep farm.

Sheila from Michigan, USA


I'm not a particularly sentimental soul but your beautiful poem reduced me to tears thinking of my own father. My parents separated when I was eleven and I so missed my dad when he was no longer around. Thank you for your beautiful words.

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