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March 08, 2007



Thank you for stopping by my blog! You know, my hubby and I have always wanted to live in England, and we used to make yearly treks there (until we started a big family, that is)!

Everything about your photos I love! The old farmhouse, the INGLENOOK ESPECIALLY! These are like the photos my hubby and I dream about when we read our English magazines each month! Right down to your precious kitty by the old farm door!

I also collect blue and white (it was one of the first posts I made to my blog). You have a beautiful collection! I will be back often!

Victoria May Plum

I have just stumbled across your blog on my merry way through blogland, and I'm just so glad I did. What a find! How could anyone want to cover it up? It reminds me of the inglenook we had at school (very old crusty school), us sixth formers used to sit in it and eat sweets - lovely days.

I think that it is wonderful that you are 'doing your bit for tradition', the fireplace looks beautiful already, and so cosy.


Wow, what a find - how exciting. It looks really big too. We once had a house and found a beautiful Victorian fireplace behind some plasterboard but nothing like yours! Lucky you!


What a coincidence! We uncovered our inglenook in recent years and it looks very similar to yours! No body knew it was there but my husband was convinced we would find something, and we did, a huge inglenook! Ours had been bricked in during the Victorian years and the builders took out 6 tons of rubble - through our living room window!! We found all the original brickwork in place, including an arched seat, the pot hooks and a Victorian kettle! It has made an amazing difference to the room - thanks for sharing your photos! Clare x

Sew Recycled!

What a lovely blog! And that inglenook is divine - what a find! Do you have a fruit farm business as well? Oh for the countryside......

Rose Vintage

Hi Emma - The place where we live was once a working hop and fruit farm. We have the old farmhouse and some land. Must confess I only grow a little soft fruit in the summer in the veggie patch. Just popped along to your blog - have you ever made Raspberry Vodka? Just trying to find a good recipe..if you know of one?



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