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March 25, 2007



Hello! I ventured here via beachy in cape cod...something about blue eggs? :) me too! they are so neat! I have to sell mine in the summer months as well, there is just no way we can eat them all. Love the found inglenook! and the sweet lambs:) I could stare at them all day long lucky you!


hmmm - thought I left a comment here already, and I guess I didn't hit "post". I directed Berrie to your blog, as she too has lovely blue eggs! We don't have hens at the moment (I used to when I was little), and I remember the eggs always tasted better when they came from your own yard! Love that you found the old well!


The colours of the eggs are so delicate and pretty - almost a shame to break and use them:) How exciting to have an old well in your garden, such a wonderful link to the past life of your home.

Account Deleted

Your eggs are beautiful - what I wouldn't do for a garden and space for chickens..


What pretty eggs! I can't believe it but we have another coincidence regarding the well! We have an old one at the front of the cottage which we have spoken to a neighbour about opening up properly. Also, when we had an extension built on the back many years ago, we found the corner of the previous extension had been built over a well - and our neighbours found several old wells when they renovated - amazing isn't it?!


Keeping hens is such fun! Mine lay boring brown eggs!! - but still very tasty!

Love the idea of your well - so useful in the summer for the garden - hope it works out for you.


Such lovely eggs. I've never see such before. They look like large Robin's eggs!


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